IVG Fiber develops specialty optical fibers and custom fiber sensor systems. With a proven record of turning ideas into devices, our lab is home to the most innovative fiber-optic technologies.

Our project portfolio is constantly growing and with new fibers and sensing techniques developed each year we can provide customized solution for virtually any industry and application.


Structural monitoring and downhole sensing

- High-temperature optical fibers and cables

- Custom distributed sensors

Current and voltage sensing

- Spun optical fiber

- Elliptical-core PM fiber

- Custom polarimetric sensors

Optical telecommunications

- Spun optical fiber and gratings

- Elliptical-core PM fiber

- Rare-earth-doped PM fiber



New product

Large diameter metal-coated fibers

In addition to our regular metallized 200/220 and 400/440 fibers we now offer large diameter multimode fibers for high-power and UV applications. Core sizes up to 800 um are available with copper alloy coating suitable for temperatures as high as 600°C.


More specialty fiber-optic products