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High-temperature sensing

IVG Fiber developed a multipoint temperature sensor capable of working in a high-temperature environment, such as nuclear reactor simulation facilities. Special measurement technique in custom-made optical fiber are used to measure temperature at several points on the simulation heater surface. Large number of such fibers comprises a multi-point measurement system to model thermal hydraulics in a nuclear reactor



Spun fiber gratings

Studies performed by IVG Fiber and McMaster University have shown that fiber Bragg gratings written in our low-birefringence fibers exhibit polarization insensitivity. Fiber gratings inscribed in regular single-mode fibers tend to produce two spectral peaks - one for each polarization. Reflections from our low-birefringence spun fiber Bragg gratings feature a spectral peak whose wavelength is independent of input polarization. This remarkable property of low-birefringence fiber is expected to improve the performance of DWDM systems, optical fiber sensors and other polarization-sensitive devices. Latest papers on this topic are now available online



Y. Wang, C-Q. Xu, and V. Izraelian
"Characterization of spun fibers with millimeter spin periods"

Y. Wang, C-Q. Xu, and V. Izraelian
"Bragg gratings in spun fibers "

Optical coherence tomography

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging technique that is used to provide high-resolution cross-sectional images for cancer diagnostics. IVG Fiber, together with Ontario Cancer Institute have developed a new approach to the conventional fiber-optic imaging scheme. This approach achieves exceptional image stability by employing common-path interferometry.