All kinds of specialty fiber, each carefully designed, manufactured and tested

Low-birefringence fibers

Low-birefringence optical fiber (also known as spun fiber) can transmit polarized light over large distances with minimum error. Unlike regular PM fibers it relays both linear and circular polarization and does not require axial alignment of the fiber when splicing or connectorizing. Spun fiber structure is designed to spread non-uniformities in silica along all possible directions, effectively cancelling out total fiber birefringence.

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Spun optical fiber
LB650 | LB1060 | LB1300 | LB1300RC | PME1300-10

Metallized fibers

We now offer single-mode and multimode mode fibers with high temperature aluminum or copper alloy coatings. Thin layer of metal provides mechanical strength and eliminates outgassing, at the same time increasing temperature range and heat conductivity of the fiber. Surprisingly cost-effective compared to their gold-coated counterparts, the fibers can withstand temperatures up to 600° C or even higher, depending on heating pattern and atmosphere composition.

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Metal-coated single-mode
Cu800 | Cu1300 | Cu1300-200 | AL1300
Metal-coated graded-index multimode
Cu50-125 | Cu50-200 | AL50-125
Metal-coated step-index multimode
Cu200 | Cu400 | Cu600 | AL200 | AL400

Elliptical-core PM fibers

Our elliptical-core fiber provides high polarization extinction and insensitivity to bending and twisting. Unlike conventional PM fibers, birefringence of the elliptical-core waveguide has low thermal dependence (more than 10 times lower than Panda).



PM optical fiber
LB650 | LB1060 | LB1300 | LB1300RC | PME1300-10