Robust optical fiber for high-temperature and high-vacuum applications

Metal-coated fiber: Frequently Asked Questions


What metals are available?
Copper-nickel alloy and aluminum.

How thick is the metal coating?
Coating thickness depends on fiber diameter and ranges from 15 micron for 100/110 fiber to 60 micron for large-core multimode fibers

What is the temperature range for metallized fibers?
True temperature and time limits of metal-coated fibers depend on many factors, such as atmosphere composition, mechanical stress and heat cycling pattern. Copper alloy coating is limited to 600°C (short-term) / 450°C (long-term) exposure in air and 600°C (indefinite) in inert atmosphere or vacuum. Aluminum-coated fibers can withstand temperatures up to 400°C (long-term).

Why loss in metal-coated fibers is so high?
As the light travels through fiber core it induces very low currents on the surface of the metal that drain power from the waveguide. In special larger cladding fibers the metal is further away from the core and attenuation is much lower.

How metal coating is removed?
Copper-coated fiber can be stripped by soaking it in 20-50% nitric acid solution. The metal is etched off in less than a minute, depending on acid concentration and coating thickness. Aluminum coating is removed with PAN aluminum etch.

Is it possible to metallize or recoat certain part of the fiber?
No, we do not offer spot metallization.

What about cleaving, splicing and connectorizing high-temperature fibers?
Once metal coating is removed the fibers can be spliced, cleaved and terminated in exactly same way as the regular telecom fibers.

Are the fibers solderable?
Copper-alloy coated fiber can be soldered with regular techniques and solder.

Do you offer heat-resistant cables?
Yes, for shorter lengths our fibers are available with Teflon (260°C) and stainless steel braided (600°C) jackets.

Do you offer connectorization?
Yes, we can terminate metallized fibers with most fiber-optic connectors. High-temperature fiber connectors employing heat-resistant adhesive are also available.



Metal-coated single-mode
Cu800 | Cu1300 | Cu1300-200 | AL1300
Metal-coated graded-index multimode
Cu50-125 | Cu50-200 | AL50-125
Metal-coated step-index multimode
Cu200 | Cu400 | Cu600 | AL200 | AL400